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Name Title Email Extension
Rae Edelson Director 617-734-1577 x18
Stephen De Fronzo Artistic Director 617-734-1577 x17
Ted Lampe Program Director 617-734-1577 x10
Stephanie Schmidt Clinical Director 617-734-1577 x12
Kyle Moran Financial Manager 617-734-1577 x19
Loel Westermann Store Manager 617-734-1577 x26
Andrew Levine Administrative & Graphics Associate 617-734-1577 x11
Zoe Wyner Studio A Manager 617-734-1577 x25
Cathy Moynihan Art Making Studio Supervisor & Drama Facilitator 617-734-1577 x14
Gary Batty Studio A Facilitator & Assistant Gallery Director 617-734-1577 x29
Justine Portmann Marketing Specialist & Online Content Manager 617-734-1577 x31
River Cortes Pottery Studio Supervisor  617-734-1577 x23
Kathleen Gens Jewelry Studio Supervisor  617-734-1577 x36
Mark Hennen Paper Studio Supervisor  617-734-1577 x28
Marjorie Schechner Adult Education Supervisor 617-734-1577 x22
Leah Medin Weaving Studio Supervisor  617-734-1577 x13
Sarah Kershaw Film, Music, and Wellness Supervisor  617-734-1577 x34
Mina Ha Fabric Studio Supervisor  617-734-1577 x16
Christine Nolan Development Specialist  617-734-1577 x21
Bil Thibodeau Studio Facilitator 617-734-1577 x15
Joe Rodriguez

Nicole Veilleux

Erica Sutherland

Hannah Hoffman



Clinical Associate

Clinical/ Store/ Float


Fundraising & Marketing Consultant



617-734-1577 x37617-734-1577 x35






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