Russell McNaught

Russell McNaught was born and educated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and began working at Gateway in 2001.

As a teenager, McNaught worked at the Harvard University Fogg Museum, sparking an initial interest in art.  McNaught attended college in Tennessee for two years, then joined the US Navy, specializing in computers, software and hardware for air traffic control systems. After spending much of his life working in an incredibly precise field, McNaught decided to begin art making and exploring the philosophy behind it as an exercise in working more freely.  McNaught’s work is a complex relationship between or the juxtaposition of computer like geometric systems and the abstract inkblot visuals.  McNaught often works in acrylic, ink marker or paint pens on canvas or Bristol board.  His work is vibrant and saturated with primary and secondary colors and he will commonly work in a long series exploring a particular visual experience or technique.  McNaught tries to challenge the viewer to expand their minds about what is considered good art, bad art, or science and the relationship between these various elements.

McNaught’s work has been exhibited at the Gateway Gallery.


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What I’m trying to achieve with my artwork is to expand the viewer’s mind. The method I use is to place two different subjects on the same canvas. When I started out, I tried to accomplish this by putting geometric forms and an inkblot type figure on the same canvas. I used geometric forms to represent the electronics and programming of computers that I worked with for 20 years. The inkblot type figure represented psychiatry and my psychotic mind. At the present time I believe I can put any two subjects on the same canvas and accomplish the same result.