Claude Fourel

Born in Boston, MA in 1937, Claude Fourel has been an artist at Gateway Arts for well over thirty years.

Fourel is a diligent worker, and creates art using abundant color and diverse media.  Fourel has a distinctive style to her art, and often her work includes themes such as birds, butterflies, fish, flowers, and other similar figures.  Fourel is a caring and focused individual, and, after  many years as an artist, she has become a quiet mentor to many.

Fourel’s artwork has been exhibited at the Gateway Gallery in Brookline, the deCordova Store in Lincoln, Brandeis University in Waltham, the Open Door Gallery, Barneys NY, Fleet Boston Financial, Boston College, and the Sherrill House in Boston. Additionally she has shown at the Margaret Bodell Gallery in New York and the Community Arts Center of Cambria County in Pennsylvania.