Elizabeth Knipstein

Elizabeth Knipstein was born in 1983 and lives in Arlington, Massachusetts. Since 2007 she has attended Gateway Arts.

Knipstein’s sense of humor and love of all things Disney drive her artistic practice. Over the last 7 years Knipstein has established a strong portfolio that gives a nod to pop-culture. Playfulness, vivid colors, and an element of fun are the building blocks of the work by Elizabeth Knipstien. Much like herself, Knipstein’s artwork evokes an innocence and glee that presents whimsy. Despite those qualities the her work is intentional. Although playful, Knipstein is an emotional artist who feels very deeply. She is an advocate for herself and other individuals with Down Syndrome.

Knipstein has donated work to Anna’s Angels and in 2013 her painting of Fenway Park was published in the Woodbine House book “A Room of Golden Shells”. Knipstien has also been featured as one of three artists in the documentary, Three Paths, produced by the Center for Emerging Artists. Knipstein’s work have been exhibited at the Gateway Gallery and Barneys NY in Boston.

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