Ella Williams

At 64, Ella Williams has put her lifelong passion to work. She collected Vogue magazines
as a young girl and dreamed of wearing the sleek new designs every month. Pursuing an
education, she earned a certificate in Fashion Merchandising from Bryan and Stratton
Junior College in 1968. Then, Ella worked at Filene’s and Lord and Taylor before becoming
an experienced home-care aide. She spent her days caring for others, but carved out
time to knit and make jewelry throughout her working life. In 2009, after retiring, Ella cofounded
a business, “Scarves, Accessories and More by Gifted Hands.”

"I make jewelry because I love designing it and find it a great means of expressing my love of color and luxury products. My jewelry is usually very vibrant and I try to make it one of a kind. I have been working at designing and making jewelry for 8 years. My favorite materials are semi-precious stones and sterling silver metals. Most of my work is done at my home in Hyde Park, MA. I take great care in creating jewelry from its design to a complete product. I also love to make custom work for clients."