JB Finnerty

James Brendan (JB) Finnerty is an artist living in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Finnerty’s artwork ranges from whimsical drawings of fun little characters, to graffiti- like acrylic paintings that shout with emotion.  His abstract and spontaneous symbolic style is colorful, layered and unique. Finnerty associates and connects colors, shapes, and symbols to each other in ways that are often unexpected, requiring the viewer to stretch their thinking in many directions to try and appreciate his intent.  Finnerty has a novel way of looking at the world and expressing his view on canvas; his visual compositions are captivating.

Finnerty’s artwork has been exhibited in Massachusetts at the Gateway Gallery in Brookline, Lesley University in Cambridge, and Barneys NY in Boston.

“I would like to say that I am a professionally skilled artist with an interest in the finer things in life. I like painting and drawing. Well it makes me feel good, because as professional artist I think it’s great that I am a person who creates published work now. When you’re a director your work will always appear in a book. I sometimes read stuff and play on the internet. I read all kinds of books; sometimes I like books that take me places. I was born in Boston. Maybe just one more thing, I think I love being an artist.”