Joanne O’Connell

Joanne O’Connell lives in the Greater Boston Area where she was born in 1968; she began working at Gateway Arts in 1992.

Since childhood, O’Connell has noted her observations through drawing and painting.  She incorporates her love of rock and roll music and respect for life and other people, into her two dimensional work.  Using her active imagination and observational skills, O’Connell creates enigmatic paintings and writings layered with abstracted imagery and text.

O’Connell’s work has been exhibited throughout Massachusetts at numerous galleries including the Berenberg Gallery in Boston, MA and the Fuller Craft Museum. Additionally, her work has been shown extensively out of state including at the Goldhaber-Fend Fine Arts Center Gallery in Johnstown, PA and Bridges & Bodell Gallery in New York, NY.  She has received awards for her artwork from MENCAP in London, England and the Ebensburg Center in Pennsylvania.


I try to accept things as they are and move on from there. I try to make positive change, but everything has its pros and cons. You can’t be too shy. If you are, things will pass you by. People are more apt to converse with you if you’re cheerful. My advice is give it your best shot, aim high, and don’t focus on negative vibes people give.
If there’s one thing I could say, it’s that I’m doing fine now.