Joe Howe

Joe Howe was born in Massachusetts in 1930, and began working at then “Gateway Crafts” in the early 1970’s, spending several years exploring weaving, pottery, and art making.  After exploring other occupational opportunities, Howe returned to Gateway Arts in 1996.

Howe is gregarious, though non-verbal from birth, he is well known by people in his neighborhood where for many years he walked everywhere and got to know everyone.  The few words that he can say have to do with his fantasies of traveling the world, words like “far-far” and “one thousand miles.”  Howe has grand ideas about his artwork as well, seeing his wood pieces almost as models for much larger constructions.  He still maintains his interest in making art, though his expression is limited to painting and making small sculptures in clay.

In Massachusetts Howe’s work has been shown in the Gateway Gallery, Drive-by Projects, Plymouth Center for the Arts, Arsenal Center for the Arts, Berenberg Gallery, and Lincoln Gallery. In New York, his work has been shown at Pier 60, the Outsider Art Fair and White Columns. His work is in the collection of the Museum of Everything in London, England.

Howe’s solo exhibition at White Columns in New York City was featured in the prominent art publication, HyperallergicRead the Article

"Art like this is a reminder that it itself is a kind of language with its own logic, its own building blocks and grammar. It’s tempting to play the archaeologist and puzzle over the precise meaning of a Joe Howe object as if these works were from some long lost civilization that vanished without a trace of or any indication of who their maker was." - Chris Cobb, Hyperallergic, December 16, 2016