Johann LeRoux

Johann LeRoux was born in 1955.  He has been attending Gateway Arts since 2004.

LeRoux currently resides in Newton, MA.  Interested in landscape, animal life, and abstraction, his art is as multi-faceted in its subject matter as it is obsessed with detail and small moments.

LeRoux has exhibited his work at the Gateway Gallery, in Brookline, MA and at the Mall of Chestnut Hill, Chestnut Hill, MA. 

Art is a way to communicate with people without having to use spoken language. Most of my art represents the nature that I love: birds, animals, flowers and scenery. I have always been close to nature, and from my early youth I have enjoyed hiking and camping. I was an avid bird watcher. By reproducing live creatures through art, I get to know them better – it brings me nearer to them and I am able to share my love of nature with people around me. I also enjoy drawing old and interesting buildings. I love the balance, perspective, interesting lines and details, and the way these man-made creations blend into the environment. Because of my engineering background, I am detailed and exact, yet I also love the range of interpretation that is possible with color. By working creatively with color I am able to express the feeling things evoke in me. By using unusual colors I challenge my viewers to look at old things through new eyes.