Julie Dapper

Julie Dapper grew up in Rochester, New York.

As a child Julie Dapper filled large canvases with imaginative scenes influenced by Greek myths, fairy tales, and classic literature.  At age 17 she created a series of pen and ink drawings for an anthology of Sicilian Poetry titled “The Golden Conch.” Her art is rooted in childhood experiences; places and objects, epiphanies and terrors, visions and dreams.  Dapper’s experience as a stage actor, poet, and composer also influence her art.

In 1980 Dapper graduated from New York University.  She went on to study Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education at Emerson College in England.  The arts are integral to Waldorf philosophy, and through her continued study Dapper explored visual and performance arts. Following her schooling, Dapper remained in Europe for several years living in Europe.  Living there, she absorbed the art, landscapes, and cultures of Britain, Italy, Austria, Germany and France.

Julie Dapper works in many mediums, including oils, watercolors, pastels, and mixed media.  She enjoys experimenting materials. Dapper creates mixed media collage applying layers of paper, paint, crayons, vintage handkerchiefs, playing cards and an assortment of found objects.  She is currently exploring the directness of acrylics as a means of expression.

Dapper completed the Artist Training Program, and continues to work in Studio A.  She has exhibited her work in the Gateway Gallery, and Belmont Art Gallery.

"I see my paintings as soul events or soul lyrics through which I attempt to travel and discover spiritual realities both personal and universal."