Katherine Bussell

Katherine Bussell is an artist living in Dedham, MA. She joined the studios at Gateway Arts in 2016.

Bussell is an avid writer and enjoys creating artwork based on and in conjunction with her stories.  Her work often takes the form of comics, many of which include morals in their outcomes.  Bussell’s drawings have a distinct flat style with minimal color. She most enjoys drawing using colored pencil on paper, although will sometimes vary in her choice of materials.  Bussell also occasionally creates sculptures depicting the characters in her stories.

Bussell’s first published book, The Boy & The Wolf, is available for purchase in The Gateway Store.

Bussell’s work has been exhibited in the Gateway Gallery.

"I make stories that connect to reality. I like to make stories because there are lessons in them. I like making cartoons, because it makes me happy."
Digital Storytelling 2017: Katherine Bussell