Online Exhibition Part Two

Part two of a four-part exhibition series.

For our annual fundraiser, A Taste of Gateway, we mount an exhibition. Event guests who purchase art tickets to the Event are given a picture of one of the artworks from the exhibition, at random, to wear as a necklace at the Event. Throughout the evening, each participant with an artwork can try to swap with other guests to get the artwork they would like to own. It is a lively and engaging intermingling activity for the guests.


Preview the upcoming A Taste of Gateway exhibition here online, over the next few months.

Enjoy the possibilities here in this four-part series. New works will be posted every two weeks.



Figurative Painting by Jane Tarlow

jane tarlow. untitled. Acrylic on canvas.




Watercolor painting by Claude Fourel

claude fourel. untitled. watercolor on paper.




Watercolor painting by Johann LeRoux

Johann LeRoux. Untitled. Watercolor on paper. 




Figure drawing by Amy Caliri

amy caliri. Untitled. drawing on paper. 




Wet media on paper by Mimi Clark

mimi clark. Untitled. Wet media on paper.




lighthouse painting by Jordana Simpson

jordana simpson. lighthouse. Acrylic on canvas.




Drawing by Charles Ellsby

charles ellsby. Untitled. graphite and colored pencil on paper.




Digital drawing by Ashley Barbour

Ashley Barbour. Untitled. digital drawing.




Abstract painting by Joanne O'Connell

Joanne O’Connell. untitled. MIXED MEDIA. 




Wet media by Gilberto Palacios

gilberto palacios. UNTITLED. wet media.




Embroidery on canvas by Alison Doucette

Alison Doucette. Flower. Embroidery and acrylic on canvas.




Painting by Mary Skinner

mary skinner. untitled. wet and dry media on paper. 





Abstract Painting by Kathleen Wells.
kathleen wells. untitled. wet media. 




Drawing by Robert Kirshnerrobert kirshner. UNTITLED. dry MEDIA on paper.




Drawing by Joe Howe

joe howe. Untitled. dry media on paper.




Drawing by Alexis Cofield

alexis cofield. Untitled. mixed media on paper.




Painting by L.E.S.

L.E.S. untitled. wet media.