Three Views

The Gateway gallery is proud to present Three Views.  This exhibition features the work of three artists who process life and the world around them through their artwork. Their individual perspectives result in visual expressions that are diverse and yet not completely unrelated. All three artists are experiencing a prolific period of art making. They are dedicated to their explorations through the medium of paint.

A new world opened for Pat Peter when she discovered painting as an adult. Her work is figurative, symbolic, and somewhat surreal. Her paintings act as exploration and discovery simultaneously, and give her insight into relationships.

Kathleen Wells explores and expounds upon the relationship of the individual and elements of space, which is simultaneously a metaphor for experiencing living. Her work is figurative, but abstracted, and acts as a bridge to understanding.

Paul Stevenson’s work is abstract and somewhat non objective. He utilizes elements of the physical world to move paint around on canvas. His work is additive and subtractive, always in motion, and constantly changing.

All three artists have a special relationship to color, each one realizing their visual parameters in their own unique way.

— Stephen De Fronzo, Art Director, Gateway Arts

Please join us for an opening reception for Three Views on Thursday, May 10th, 2018 from 5:00 – 7:00 PM.

On view May 7 – June 2, 2018.

Pat Peter

“This body of work depicts interior spaces with empty chairs or inanimate objects which represent people and personalities.”

Paul Stevenson

Kathleen Wells

“This exhibition is an important body of work for me.  From transitions to transformations, it’s about liminal spaces through cycles of life and understanding.”