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Artist of the Month: Alison Doucette

Alison working on her embroidery in the pottery studio. 

July’s Artist of the Month is, Alison Doucette. Alison began working at Gateway Arts in 2013 and has diligently been building an inventory of work since.  Upon arrival Alison began embroidering various images she finds inspiring.

Mermaid embroidery in process. 

Alison has an clear understanding of color, and is able to create visually engaging pieces that keep your eye moving over the entire image.

Handwoven and applique embroidery on canvas bag.

Alison has also taken up weaving.  She uses a table top loom and creates accents for functional pieces of art. She sometimes appliques her embroidery to the woven pieces as well.

Handwoven and applique on pillow.

Handwoven appliques to canvas bag.

In her spare time Alison enjoys cooking, and while at Gateway is always offering a kind hand.  We can’t wait to see what Alison comes up with next and will continue to watch her work evolve as she spends more time practicing her craft at Gateway Arts!

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