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Artist of the Month: Hahn Cao-Danh

By Ashley Brown

Gateway is celebrating Hanh Cao-Danh as August’s artist of the month. Hanh started at Gateway in April 2013. Hanh has an eye for pattern and color. 
Found object sculpture, 2013.
When Hanh first arrived, Hanh’s only interest in art was abstraction, and she came up with many imaginative swirly designs. While working in the studio, Hanh was inspired by what she saw happening in the studios, and she began melding her abstract designs with representational work. Here are some images of Hanh’s more recent work.
Glazed, hand-built tea pot, 2013.
Her necklaces have always been very popular. The consistent design changes after about twenty beads of the same pattern. The pattern that she creates is usually quite playful and colorful.

Wood and metal beaded necklace, 2013. 

While Hanh enjoys working at Gateway, she also has many other hobbies. You may see Hanh involved at an intense rap battle at Rami’s Restaurant in Coolidge Corner. She writes her own hip hop music. She also enjoys going to different art festivals throughout the year.  

Acrylic paint on wood pannel, 2014. 

Congratulation Hahn, and keep up the great work! 

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