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Artist of the Month: Laurie Maguire

By Kathleen Gens

Laurie has attended Gateway Arts since 2012 and in that time here has created a wonderful full body of work. Laurie has developed a distinctive style in each of her studios ranging from pottery, illustration to large standing tapestries, which Laurie alone creates here at Gateway Arts.


Laurie’s style in each of her mediums is fine detail. In the Paper studio Laurie has recreated her favorite Mother Goose book by taking the illustrations and drawing them in her own style, a style that almost has a stained glass effect. Each person, animal or tree is broken down into geometric shapes while using every color that Laurie is provided with.


 Laurie says “I just see the world in shapes. Because of my eyes I don’t see everything very good , but I try to memorize the shapes I see. It helps me get around my environment and also to know how to draw my environment.” Laurie is methodical and endlessly patient to ensure she doesn’t miss a single detail in her renderings.  Same goes for her pottery. Laurie designs bowl, vases and plates with such wonderful bursts of color. Though the entire ceramic will be covered in images Laurie somehow finds a lovely balance using themes usually revolving around nature. Laurie said “I used to hate bugs but since I became an artist, I’ve learned to stop and look at them more. My art makes appreciate everything more.”


So far Laurie only has one sculpture she has created here at Gateway Arts and that is due to the fact that it took her over a year and a half to create. It’s a 3 foot tall golden robot covered in rhinestones and confetti. It’s a piece that immediately everyone is in awe of when they first see it because it’s clear how much work and love went into this project it cannot go unnoticed.



In Laurie’s words “I was once told I couldn’t do anything. (But now)I know I can do everything. My art calms me and I just enjoy making all sorts of different things.”

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