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Artist of the Month: Richard McConnell

By Leah Medin

Richard spins yarn from skeins into balls for weaving projects. 
Richard McConell has been working at Gateway Arts for 24 years. These days Richard chooses to work primarily in the Weaving Studio. Richard has developed incredible weaving skills and has shown his talent through many different woven projects over the years. His fabrics have been large, small, in various colors and patterns.  Richard decides what products should be fabricated with the yardage once he finishes and it has been taken off the loom. 

Handwoven and sewn clutch. 

Richard’s work consists of hand woven bags, pillows, scarves, blankets, and more. Richard has his own Leclerc loom that he works on while in the Weaving Studio. He works very  independently and it is a pleasure to have him in the studio. Richard is very focused, which has allowed him to weave with speed and accuracy. He works at his own pace and has proven to be very dedicated to weaving.

Richard at his loom in the weaving studio. 

Richard has many friends and co-workers that he likes to greet at the beginning of his work day. He usually arrives once everyone is settled into their morning studios with a cup of coffee in his hand. He’ll ask for help when needed and enjoys the many compliments he receives for his work. 

Detail of handwoven fabric.
His newest project is to weave a collection of pillows and blankets in the Weaving Studio. You can find many woven goods by Richard at the Gateway Arts Craft Store. 
Detail of hand woven scarf.

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