Staff Pick: Skirt by Janet Inman

Photographs by Melanie BernierGateway’s Fabric Studio Manager, Ashley Brown, brings you this month’s selection: Summer is breezy and bright, and so is this cute A-line skirt created by Janet Inman. The palette that Janet used is brilliant for summer, and … Continued

Interview with Ray Salter

Photographs by Melanie Bernier and Gary Batty. Edited by Melanie Bernier.  Ray Salter speaks with Gateway director Rae Edelson about the work in his current exhibition, Portraits, on display in the Gateway Gallery until August 31. To learn more about … Continued

Staff Pick: Sculpture of J.R. Ewing

This month’s selection was written by River Cortes, the head of Gateway’s Pottery studio. Photographs by Melanie Bernier J.R. Ewing is the villain that Dallas fans love to hate, and Michele has sculpted him in clay. Michele was not a sculptor … Continued

Staff Pick: Dom Tufo’s “Book”

Photographs by Melanie Bernier The first blog entry for our new Staff Picks series is by Peter Laughlin, who facilitiates the Folk Art and Music studios. His pick is a wooden box/book by artist Dominic Tufo. Take it away, Peter: … Continued

Artist of the Month, May 2013: Debra Belsky

Text and Photographs by Melanie Bernier Marker and pencil on paper, 2013.  May’s Artist of the Month is Debra Belsky, who has worked at Gateway since 2007. Called “Deb” or “Debbie” by many, her colorful, introspective artworks reflect her interests … Continued

Interview with the Artist: Michael Oliveira

Text and Photography by Melanie Bernier Detail of Michael’s embroidered portrait of artist Kayla Johnson. Working silently at a desk, seated in his wheelchair, Michael Oliveira is very clearly an artist dedicated to productivity. He slowly and methodically needles his … Continued

Toast to Gateway

A Toast to Gateway was a great success! The champagne was flowing, the music was lively, and the art was outstanding. Thanks to everyone who came out and showed support for our artists and studios. Special thanks to Patti Kraft, … Continued