Life Animated

My name is Igor Reyes, I’m 23 years old I have autism and I’m a fan of anime and cartoons.   When I saw the movie Life Animated l felt so good and I had a connection with the movie … Continued

Artist of the Month: Francelia Brea

By Ashley Brown “You are never going to believe this! Come see!” Francelia smiles broadly and leads me through the maze of the studio. Past the black floor in Folk Art, past the bright white walls of the pottery studio—still shining from it’s … Continued

Staff Pick: Maria Covino Relief

By Bil Thibodeau Jump, Maria Covino, wood and ink, 2014. Maria Covino is well known for her impressive drawings of repetitive grid patterns of lines, numbers, words and stars. Her structured yet playful subject matter has been part of Gateway and the art world … Continued

Artist of the Month: Richard McConnell

By Leah Medin Richard spins yarn from skeins into balls for weaving projects.  Richard McConell has been working at Gateway Arts for 24 years. These days Richard chooses to work primarily in the Weaving Studio. Richard has developed incredible weaving … Continued

Congressman Joseph Kennedy III visits Gateway Arts

Gateway artists and staff pose with Congressman Kennedy.  Congressman Joseph Kennedy III, on Thursday September 4, took time out of his busy schedule to tour Vinfen’s Gateway Arts in Brookline Village. Kennedy, along with District Director Nick Clemons, had a chance to … Continued

Artist of the Month: Hahn Cao-Danh

By Ashley Brown Gateway is celebrating Hanh Cao-Danh as August’s artist of the month. Hanh started at Gateway in April 2013. Hanh has an eye for pattern and color.  Found object sculpture, 2013. When Hanh first arrived, Hanh’s only interest … Continued

Staff Pick: Paintings by Pat Peter

By Andrew Levine  Playground on Thayer, acrylic on canvas, 2013 Pat Peter’s painting, Playground on Thayer, depicts a dreamlike playground with swings and benches in a familiar neighborhood and a large leafless tree, definitely for climbing to the top. Peter’s … Continued

Artist of the Month: Alison Doucette

Alison working on her embroidery in the pottery studio.  July’s Artist of the Month is, Alison Doucette. Alison began working at Gateway Arts in 2013 and has diligently been building an inventory of work since.  Upon arrival Alison began embroidering … Continued

Staff Pick: Artwork by Jovian Eichner

By Leah Medin Jovian has been doing a wonderful job at Gateway Arts.  He started attending in June 2014 and has been coming in five days a week. He has accomplished so much in his various studios; Paper, Weaving, Art Making, … Continued