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Gateway Artists join Boston Children’s Hospital’s Noon Meeting

Gateway artist, Colleen M., discusses animation techniques with a table of residents.
Gateway artist, Colleen M., discusses animation techniques with a table of residents.

On Thursday, January 7, six Gateway Artists were featured at Boston Children’s Hospital’s noon meeting for pediatric residents.

The purpose of the meeting was to introduce pediatric residents to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with a positive focus on their individual strengths and abilities.

Each artist spoke about their career, how they developed their artistic practice, and what being an artist means to them. In addition, each brought with them examples of their artwork and lead demonstrations on various artistic processes. Demonstrated techniques included embroidery, collage, drawing, animation, and card making.

Other areas of discussion included how each artist prefers to be spoken to when they’re at medical appointments and what their experiences with doctors have been like.

When asked about the impact of the meeting Jessica Solomon says, “during our medical training, we are usually taught how to perceive and treat various subsets of patients based on statistics and evidence. During this noon conference, we had the opportunity to learn firsthand from individuals with disabilities, themselves — about their experiences, their special needs, and their dreams. For some residents, it was their first chance to socially interact with someone with disabilities outside of the acute medical setting. It was a thrill to watch my co-residents mingle with Gateway artists, learn from their differences, and finding common ground.” Gateway Arts has scheduled a similar presentation at Boston Medical Center for April 2016.

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