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Nancy Cunningham was born in 1950 in Boston, MA. A prolific writer, Nancy published several novels through the Gateway Arts in-house publication arm, Agent X Press. Her stories, including The Anonymous AlienThe Unemployed Cat that Goes Out of ControlThe Secret Storm of the Rabbit, and The Ups and Downs of Talking Back, Scratching Your Teacher, and Doing Drugs, have brought joy to so many readers. She was also a visionary artist with exhibitions including the Berenberg Gallery in Boston’s South End, and Barneys NY Department Store at the Mall of Chestnut Hill, in Brookline, MA.

Nancy was an imaginative artist and published author. Her memory will live on forever through the fine art and crafts she created during her time in the Gateway Arts studios.

Gateway Arts would like to express their deepest gratitude to the entire Cunningham family for years of support and friendship.

Through memorial donations made in Nancy’s honor Gateway Arts has been able to represent all artists at Gateway Arts through this website.






“On behalf of my brothers, Tom, Mike, and the entire Cunningham Family, I want to thank you for this award. Gateway was an integral part of my sister Nancy’s life for 26 years. Gateway was her rock, where she went to work every day to create her art. As you all know, Nancy passed away last year but would be very proud that the family was able to help with the update of the web page.

She did not understand all the workings of the web page, but she and her fellow artists knew that the page was important to each of them in some fashion. She would be thrilled to know that she is on the first page of the new gateway site, as a tribute to the mission of Gateway in its work to recognize and assist Artists with Disabilities.

The Cunningham Family thanks you Rae and all of the dedicated professionals here who supported Nancy for so many years.”
-Jack Cunningham

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