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Annita Lombardi was born near Rome, Italy and came to the United States when she was ten years old. As such, she is fluent in both English and Italian. She began attending Gateway in 1976, as one of our earliest artists, and lived a full life in Watertown, Massachusetts before passing peacefully in March of 2017.

Lombardi, a very talented painter with a unique style, painted on a variety of mediums including paper, pottery and fabric. Her subject matter hearkened back to her early life in rural Italy: she enjoyed drawing natural motifs such as rabbits, donkeys, cows, birds, and flowers. Furthermore, Lombardi had an intuitive sense of color and design; she worked meticulously, spending long hours on each piece.

Lombardi’s artwork has been represented nationally and internationally. She exhibited at the Gateway Gallery, the Fuller Craft Museum, the American Visionary Art Museum in Maryland, the Outsider Art Fair in New York, among other places. Additionally, she also exhibited and won two awards from the Ebensburg Center in Pennsylvania and MENCAP in London, England.

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