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“I make the art I do because I want to share what’s in my head. The art I make is the real me. I like to draw comic book characters to make them my own version of who they are. Whatever character that you’re born as is the real you. I feel like I’m the chosen one, and not just as an artist. My art is my way of making things that came before even better. My art is how I fix the things that I see. I like using colored pencils sometimes, but mostly just regular pencils. I like to make manga, which is usually black and white. I like to make my work as realistic as possible. Art is a special gift that few people use as a way to make a bang. It’s mostly a weapon that you have to practice using to get good at. True art is an explosion.”

James Phillips was born in Winthrop, MA in 1992 and has lived in the same house his entire life. Phillips became interested in the arts at the age of 3 when he began coloring using crayons and markers. He continued to learn about the arts in school, as well as at home. Phillips enjoys practicing his drawing using popular images that he makes into his own characters. He likes to work in colored pencil and pencil, and enjoys experimenting with new materials. Phillips has a unique style which is consistent throughout his work, including different mediums; he plans to continue to explore and grow as an artist.

Phillips has exhibited his artwork at the Gateway Gallery.

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