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Caroline Phipps was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1978. Phipps has been painting since she was two years old. It was hard for her to get attention at home. But when she made art she received much praise. Phipps’s artwork gave her a sense of pride and she would sit with her crayons for hours. Her mother was diagnosed with Manic Depression, became consumed by the voices in her head, and was unresponsive most of the time. When Phipps was 16 her mother gave her a set of oil paints. Immediately she grasped the medium, and from that point she knew she wanted to be a painter. During this time Phipps was seeing a psychiatrist and her mental health was suffering. She would not keep up with her studies or even attend classes and was sent to an alternative school, Beacon High. Soon Phipps met Pat Mattina, an art teacher and mentor that would encourage and inspire her to develop her art.

Currently Phipps works with acrylic paints on relatively large canvases. She likes to work with bright, intense colors with a high contrast of lights and darks. In a few of Phipps’s current works her mother comes up as a theme in addition to ideas surrounding mortality, sexuality, and Christianity. Her pieces are very personal and sometimes hard for people to look at. She works intuitively and sees her artistic process as therapeutic. When Caroline finishes a piece she sees a story that reflects what is going on inside her subconscious.

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