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“I just like doing the work. I am an artist.”

Charles Hurvitz was born in 1962 and is a very social and well-known man throughout the Brookline community. Hurvitz has been working at Gateway since 2001; loves music, and frequently attends performances by the Boston Symphony Orchestra. His artistic expression follows his love for music; as he captures the essence of people and instruments through portraiture painting and sculpture. While keeping recognizable elements Hurvitz creates sculptures using found materials, paper mache, and paint. His two-dimensional work is expressive and he is able to unconventionally capture movement and personality.

Hurvitz also enjoys writing, and has created several small publications including a book of letters to public figures such as George Bush, Tyra Banks, and Charlie Rose. Other stories describe a visit to Brookline Village by one of his favorite TV characters, and a murder mystery set in Boston’s Symphony Hall.

Hurvitz’s work has been shown at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, Drive- By Projects in Watertown, the Gateway Gallery in Brookline, Barneys NY, and the Berenberg Gallery in Boston, MA.

Charles is the focus of a 2015 documentary by filmmaker Lev Omelchenko titled CHARLIE, you can see the film by clicking here.

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