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Born in Boston, MA in 1937, Claude Fourel has been an artist for well over thirty years. She continues to work productively and creatively using abundant color and diverse media in her distinctive artwork. Fourel produces decorative, functional and fine artworks. Her patterned style, while often geometric, ranges in subject from flourished landscapes to animal groupings; and schools of tropical fish to her favorite people. She generously provides bright, bold colors often covering the entire surface area however large. Birds, butterflies, fish, flowers, and other figures are common themes in her very colorful work. This beautiful imagery adorns hand-painted and hand-embroidered articles ranging from pottery to large canvas and handbags to silk scarves. Fourel also produces lovely jewelry and is an avid singer. Working mostly among other artists, Fourel’s defining characteristics have been care, creativity, focus, and never capable of idleness. After so many years as an artist, she has become a quiet mentor to many.

Fourel’s artwork has been exhibited at the Gateway Gallery in Brookline, the deCordova Store in Lincoln, Brandeis University in Waltham, the Open Door Gallery, Barneys NY, Fleet Boston Financial, Boston College, and the Sherrill House in Boston. Additionally she has shown at the Margaret Bodell Gallery in New York and the Community Arts Center of Cambria County in Pennsylvania.

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