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“Art is the one thing in life I know how to do. I’ve been drawing and doing different art forms since I was about seven, and that was the age I decided I was good at it. What I’m getting at is that it’s a form of endeavor which I truly feel I’m the best version of myself and it makes me love more. Art is my only form of survival in this crazy, challenging world and I find it has the greatest effect on me when I am at my most passionate. “

Colleen McFarland was born in 1991 and lives in Norwood, MA. She started working at Gateway Arts in late 2015, and has since been furthering her skills and her strong personal style. McFarland primarily works in colored pencil, although she has been experimenting with acrylic paint, in addition to working in a variety of other media. She has a great wealth of knowledge surrounding ballet/dance as well as musical theater, and these are the primary subjects of her works. McFarland creates colorful portraits of the subjects of her interest. She is also an amateur writer and has written a number of pieces that have been included on her prior school’s blog as well as in Gateway’s most recent newsletter.

Read some of Colleen’s written work on our blog!

Watch Colleen’s first digital storytelling piece here.

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