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“Hello, I was born on July 25, 1993. I am of Columbian decent- not Columbia, Canada- but Columbia, South America. I am a huge fan of anime and cartoons, I like drawing things that are in my head and I have a great sense of fashion. Recently I’ve been thinking of taking animation classes in California to move forward in life. I am also very tech savvy and take independent computer classes. I am a natural born traveler. My artwork involves drawing characters in my head. I mostly draw female characters including information about their age and what they do. I hope my artwork is inspiring to other.”

Igor Reyes began attending the Gateway Arts studios in 2015. Interested in connections with others Reyes’ 2 dimensional work centers around women in various settings. Reyes creates vignettes for the women to exist within often incorporating biographical information about each. Reyes works in a variety of media, innovating ways to incorporate his interests into new processes.

Reyes’ artwork has been exhibited at the Gateway Gallery.

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