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“I use art as a tool to explore my feelings and emotions. It is difficult to express myself with words but with painting and drawing I can “say” what I feel using colors and images.
I like using everyday objects and scenes that everyone can relate to or has experienced themselves. Many of my paintings use objects depicting human characteristics, this creates a distance, if you will, between myself and my feeling.
As well as using my environment I also use photographs for ideas. I work fairly quickly once beginning a piece . I use acrylic paints because of their fast drying time. When the piece is completed I can begin to see the emotions I could not put into words.”

Patricia Ann Peter was born in Camden, New Jersey. Currently she resides in Arlington, Massachusetts. In 1978 Pat graduated with a BS degree in Athletic Training. After several jobs in the healthcare field she returned to school and in 1985 received her BS degree in Physical Therapy. While living on Nantucket her then therapist suggested she try a group run by Ms. Mary Filingeri. Filingeri, as an Art Therapist she believes “art is a healing force” and that we all are artists at the level of our souls started a forum for people who wanted to explore their creative desires to paint. And so, in approximately 2005 Peter began painting. Peter is a member of “Off Shore Art”, a group of women artists on Nantucket and she exhibited in two of their salons in 2009.

Peter has begun to become involved with the local art community in Arlington, Massachusetts and has shown her work at the Arlington Center for the Arts. She has also exhibited in the Gateway art gallery.

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