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“My work represents truth, and I consider myself fortunate by being impervious to learning how to make my art. I’ve created art my whole life, but it wasn’t until I sold my first painting that I recognized myself as an artist. I was exposed to the term “Outsider Art” was when I sold my first painting, and this made me realize that there is a market for artists that have no training in art. My future became safe for me, because I could paint – what I love most. My work has been collected widely.”

Ruby Pearl was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts in 1949 and currently lives in Brookline, Massachusetts. Her whole life as an artist is a pictorial journal. She paints from the inside out and is drawn in and mesmerized by the artistic method through which the imagination is visually realized. Pearl is inspired by poignant and tender thoughts and emotions rather than rational ideas of what to paint. Her color palette and sense of light captures the life, mood and feelings which hypnotize her as it reveals something that cannot be expressed in words. Pearl’s art speaks of a passionate creative process of intense reflection and perception that comes alive in pronounced layers and stokes of acrylic paint. She finds herself moving her paint brush, not on the canvas but upon the image of people, imparting her art to connect with their soul and to form an intimate bond between herself and her subject matter. Her paintings invite the viewer to a visual feast of life, to contemplate imagination, a memory of love and loss. The common thread in her work is the spirit taking form through her paintings.

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