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“I make art, to express all that is within me, and thereby transform my pain, to free myself, and for the sake of wild, exuberant creativity. My art also expresses all the love, beauty, soul and wordless poetry in me. Art is my offering to life, a way to work through the difficult, the maddening and the life-force in me. It is a way to empower myself to be real, and to contribute to healing the planet, and to help us appreciate and preserve nature and Goodness. I show visions of the natural world’s beauty, because I believe that by making real the vision, we can help bring it into reality. It is an act of love-making to the sacred wonder of all that is.

I work with many materials, paint, cloth, and elements from nature. I play with the materials, and in a sense I am playing with the elements of life, bringing disparate elements together, making complex, yet unified works of art. There is a kind of alchemy, and a transformation that happens.”

Shifra-Lilith Freewoman/Walking Moon was born in 1961 in Lynn, MA. She lost her mother at age 6 to breast cancer and remains profoundly influenced by her. She grew up orthodox Jewish and went to Yeshivah-Hebrew day school. She became a feminist around age 14 and later left orthodoxy. She graduated from Oberlin College in 1984 with a degree in creative writing. Freewoman began doing art in 1993 at age 32 in art therapy groups. She loved it and made hundreds of drawings of masks of women’s faces which she began showing at a gallery. She is self-taught. Freewoman specializes in goddess and animal imagery. Her work includes paintings, silk scarves, cards, and small painted objects. Her collage works of natural fibers paint, leather, fabric and beads reflects her strongest talents. She is also a poet/writer and storyteller.

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