Weaving Studio

The Weaving Studio contains eight floor looms, of which several are shared among artists while others are set aside for individual artists.  A weaving can remain on the loom for between two and eight months.  Each artist weaves differently, creating unique applications to the fabric. Once the weaving is completed it is washed, cut down, and then sewn into multiple finished products.


The weaving studio produces a variety of work, including scarves, shawls, pillows, rag rugs, placemats, tote bags, and much more.  Each product is thoughtfully designed, hand woven on the loom, and then finished by hand in the studio.  Artists work closely with the weaving studio supervisor and weaving assistant to design color schemes and conceptualize new products.
In addition, artists work on embroideries, fabric drawings, knitting projects, small tapestries, and sculptural sewing projects in the weaving studio.
It is interesting to see what draws the artist in. There are all different kinds of projects the artists can work on in the weaving studio. They have access to a variety of tools and colorful materials to choose from. Each artist has a strong connection with their artwork. What I love about the floor looms is that it enables the artist to have a place to center themselves. Weaving is a unique process that allows the artist to be fully engaged with the material.

Leah Medin, Weaving Studio Supervisor