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Jeffery_Crockett_TransitionServices-1024x680Gateway Arts is a premier center on the east coast successfully serving young adults with disabilities and preparing them for a professional career in the arts.

Our program prepares young people with disabilities to transition successfully from school to work using age appropriate, professional arts-based activities considering individual needs, strengths and interests. This service is also available for talented adults turning 22 with appropriate public or private funding. Disabilities include developmental and psychiatric, including cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, visual impairment, hearing impairment, head injury, Williams Syndrome, and spectrum disorders including autism and Asperger’s syndrome.

Gateway artists spend their time creating artwork and craft items that can be exhibited and sold. The work at Gateway is designed to prepare young adults with disabilities for further employment, education, and independence. The pre-vocational skills and enhanced self-esteem help enable people to transition successfully into various fields of interest or supported employment or can lead to a career in the arts.

Artists come to the studio where they are encouraged to work on their projects with facilitation as necessary. Gateway provides high quality art materials, as well as a staff of professionally trained artists and educators who are always available for suggestions and gentle encouragement. Gateway also plans offsite field trips and outings for artistic inspiration and community participation.

Gateway provides a community of other young adults and practicing artists of all ages in a supportive, diversified community where participants make valuable connections and are there to help each other through the challenges that can accompany transition and change. This support takes the form of interactive learning, feedback, conversation, and friendships that help build confidence and real world skills.

Read our Transitional Planning for Young Adults Brochure to learn more.

Requirements for Admission

Be a minimum of 16 years old, still in school or post graduation, looking for a community transition experience and exploring art as a career option. Some interest in art and the ability to work within a shared studio environment with other young artists. Previous training not required.

How to Apply

Contact Ted Lampe
617-734-1577 x. 10

We encourage you to contact a transitional planner at your high school or the Department of Developmental Services for additional information.

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