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Staff Pick: Artwork by Jovian Eichner

By Leah Medin

Jovian has been doing a wonderful job at Gateway Arts.  He started attending in June 2014 and has been coming in five days a week. He has accomplished so much in his various studios; Paper, Weaving, Art Making, Fabric, Folk Art, Pottery and Jewelry. He has shown us how talented he is in each medium. 

Jovian is very focused and committed to his artwork. He draws different kinds of subjects like transformers and animals and draws them in particular surroundings. He sometimes layers his subjects so that certain ones are in the foreground and others are in the background. I enjoy watching Jovian work, especially when he draws in pen and markers. You can tell that Jovian is proud and confident in his artwork. 

When he starts a drawing piece, he first draws his subject with pencil and then he copies over his lines with pen. He really enjoys using Prismacolor markers to fill in his characters. His hand is very steady when he draws and it’s interesting to watch him fill in his subjects with markers, because he draws kind of like how someone would paint. When filling in a space Jovian spreads the marker in various directions without filling it in completely. These drawings are very unique and gave me the idea to introduce him to watercolor. 

Jovian has tried to paint with watercolor a few times now and it is interesting to see this kind of work expand from his style of drawing. Jovian’s artwork will continue to grow at Gateway Arts, especially when he works in his Weaving, Fabric and Pottery studios; he has worked on small hand-woven tapestries, embroideries on fabric and clay sculptures.  Jovian has an incredible imagination that allows him to create artwork that is original and fun to him.

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