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Staff Pick: Skirt by Janet Inman

Photographs by Melanie Bernier
Gateway’s Fabric Studio Manager, Ashley Brown, brings you this month’s selection:

Summer is breezy and bright, and so is this cute A-line skirt created by Janet Inman. The palette that Janet used is brilliant for summer, and the neon colors she selected are trending this season. Janet constructed a random pattern of pinks, greens, reds, blues, greens, and oranges.

The idea for this skirt came directly from Janet’s last project in the fabric studio. She created a unique set of toddler’s overalls. She created many stripes below a sun. When asked what these decorative stripes were, she exclaimed, “A rainbow!”  The rainbow overalls were such a hit that she wanted to create more from this theme of rainbows, and she chose to work on a skirt.

She executed this skirt perfectly. The colors are not arranged in the predictable order of a conventional rainbow.  The spontaneous pattern keeps the skirt fresh and appealing. The quality of the stripes are not rigid and straight like those you would see manufactured by a machine in the big box stores. Instead, this skirt has varying thick and thin lines, giving the skirt a whimsical, artistic quality. This skirt will keep you guessing, not all colors wrap around to the other side, at times there is a sharp shift in color. Because the skirt is not predictable, it catches your eye and keeps your eye moving with curiosity.
The skirt makes a versatile piece for any wardrobe. It matches well with many color shirts making this piece a welcomed addition to any closet. This piece was quickly snatched up and purchased upon completion. However, all hope is not lost, Janet enjoys doing commissions! Contact us today about commissioning an item of your choice.

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