What is an “In-Kind” Donation?

An in-kind donation is a form of charitable giving in which, instead of giving money to fund a needed good or service, the good or service itself is given.

There are many ways to show support. Donating items, from technology, to supplies, to well-loved but out-of-use objects, is one of them.  Gateway happily accepts a selection of in-kind donations.  Gateway artists re-imagine everyday objects, transforming them into new and unique works of art.

first, to determine the acceptability of your donation, please contact Kathleen Driscoll at We do not accept donations at the door.

The following list is to give you an idea of the kinds of items we may accept.

Happy to Accept
Nontoxic paints and inks
Frames that are sturdy and in good shape (no glass)
Heavyweight paper
Matte board
String, yarn, and large fabric scraps
Windows with wood frames in good shape
Wood in good shape
Fiberboard and press board
Foam core
Heavyweight wallpaper

We welcome certain donations of service and performance, especially from musicians for our events.

Unable to Accept
House paint of any type
Toxic materials of any kind, including paints
Styrofoam packing materials
Greeting cards