Our Team

We are a dedicated team.

At Gateway Arts, our team of administrative leadership and direct service staff members have professional art backgrounds, and experience in providing human services.  Working here provides a rare opportunity to combine the arts with human services.  Our staff members are highly trained, possessing Masters degrees in Fine Art, Art Therapy, Human Services, and Arts Management, as well as extensive internal First Aid, CPR, MAP, and Safety Care certifications.

Gateway also offers a wide array of professional opportunities through volunteer, internship, and work-study programs.  These programs provide direct experience working with individuals with diverse diagnoses, strengths, and needs, including but not limited to: developmental and psychiatric disabilities, traumatic brain injury, autism spectrum disorders, visual and hearing deficits, learning disabilities, and behavioral disorders.


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Rae Edelson

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Stephen DeFronzo

Artistic Director
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Stephanie Schmidt-Ellis

Program Director (Clinical)
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Ted Lampe

Program Director
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Studio Supervisors & Support Staff

Gary Batty

Assistant Program Art Director
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Carolyn Burns

Studio A Supervisor
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River Cortes

Pottery Studio Supervisor
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Hannah Currens

Art Making Studio Supervisor
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Aubrey Daugherty-Costa

Weaving Studio Assistant
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Laura Francis

Studio Facilitator
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Kathleen Gens

Jewelry Studio Supervisor
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Mina Ha

Facilitator - Float
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Lauren Flinner

Facilitator - Float
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Mark Hennen

Paper Studio Supervisor
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Jillian Hurley

Fabric Studio Supervisor
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Sarah Kershaw

Multimedia Supervisor & Community Integration Coordinator
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Leah Medin

Weaving Studio Supervisor
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Marjorie Schechner

Education Supervisor
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Bil Thibodeau

Folk Art Studio Supervisor
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Administrative Staff

Kathleen Driscoll

Senior Communication and Public Affairs Specialist, Development
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Georgia Kennedy

Marketing & Online Content
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Andrew Levine

Admin Assistant & Design Specialist
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Kyle Moran

Financial Manager
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Joe Rodriguez

Clinical Specialist
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Loel Westermann

Store Manager
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Gateway Advisory Committee

Lorri Berenberg, Chair
Sara Arshad
Beverly Bernson
Julie Bernson
Amanda Clark MacMullan
Jane Feigenson
Colleene Fesko
Martha Field
Kathleen Hobson
Nicholas Kane
Beth Kantrowitz
Cheryl Katz
Patricia Kraft
Cynthia Randall
Jennifer Rathbun
Gail Ravgiala
Martha Richardson

Friends of Gateway

Andrew Eisenmann
Laura Eisenmann
Hilary Emmons
Grace Gregor
Chobee Hoy
Alyssa Jones
Wendy Tarlow Kaplan
Jane Maxwell
Oswald Mondejar
Shirley O’Neil
Lisbeth Tarlow